Professional panoramic photographer and developer of Virtual Tours. One of the first in 2005 Kazakhstan to start promoting VR panoramas. In the past he specialized in CD/DVD media products, flash animation and web-sites, such as presentations, corporate profiles, and other promo-concepts. Now focuses on 3D virtual business solutions and 360° panoramic technologies, mainly presenting elite interiors.

Current front-line equipments: Cameras - Nikon D7000/D7100, Sigma Fish-Eye Lenses 8mm/10mm, Panoramic Heads - Agno's Mrotator TCP / TCP Short, Manfrotto tripods and monopod. Additional equipments by Sekonic, iKan, Sunbounce.


Gumir Jamil, Almaty - Astana, KZ

phone: +7 705 5717171 | skype: gumirj | email: gumirj@gmail.com

google.com/+gumirj | facebook.com/gumirj | twitter.com/gumirj

vk.com/gumirj | youtube.com/gumirj

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