How to publish your ready panoramas on Photosynth

How to publish your ready panoramas on Photosynth

Posted: 9-02-2015, 01:12
I do not know to what extent there is a need to place your panoramas in service Photosynth 2. Nevertheless, it is possible to do this without any problems even though this feature is especially (Microsoft) don't tell.

Examples - To get to the Night-Show, you need to make a lot of gestures...

First, U need create MS account -

There you will be prompted to download - Image Composite Editor, but you can do without it... instead of this click on following link and download the plug-in for Photoshop.

Install *.8be plugin to relative path in PhotoShop directory ..\Plug-ins\Import-Export
Open your equi panoramic image in Photoshop
Export: File\Export\Photosynth...
Settings: Projection - Equirectangular \ FoV - 360 and click Publish
In the pop-up window of publication will need to enter the proposed information and log into your MS account
Process redirects you on site Photosynth, where you can further customize your panorama for publish

Here is a brief .. considering my "Gorgeous English". Enjoy! If you love this :)