Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Posted: 27-04-2017, 09:36
In 2010, in the bowels of the Google Maps - Street View branch, one beautiful concept was born and implemented, which, along with the direct 360 content of Street View, allowing used a third-party panoramic contents. At that time, the service of "Street View" was not so popular, it was all based on the Flash-engine and it was not sufficiently agile with a long load, and the quality of the panoramic textures left much to be desired.

It was decided to divide this concept into two components - Google Business View and Google Maps Views. The first was positioned as if for business, but the priority part of the concept was that Street View would now be able to go from the street into the premises, thus completing the areas where, in the understanding of "Street View", ņould not this before. The second part would be a user social 360 content around the world. Yes, all this is undoubtedly remarkable, but here again the regional nuance was the regional motive for filling up the so-called "white spots", which for various reasons at that time Street View could not be attend.

Both services were tightly closed from mass public testing, especially the first, it was concentrated only for the US. Nevertheless, it seemed already a certain breakthrough in the popularization of 360 panoramas.

At the end of 2011, Google presents a full-fledged custom online editor with the ability to connect points in a single tour, the links between the panoramas appear to have its own unique romantic term - constellations. In 2012, Google publicly opens both services - Google Business View in a limited regional format and Google Maps Views for public use, later the Business View is gradually expanding its availability around the world. For Business View, you still need binding account to the editor, for the Maps Views one there is not limitations.

It's worth noting that both editors were almost identical in terms of UI, but the first one had great functionality and most importantly, the editor for Business View was directly tied to the Street View system, with Google's copyright in the See Inside concept with mandatory Quality Control approving. The second service was a "canopy" of Photo Sphere with the authorship of the published, without directly permission to the system and if from the BV editor it was possible to make connections with street locations in the sense of "go in and out", then the second one had the opportunity only to "go in".

By the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 there is a general boom and excitement around new services. In the society of panoramic photographers, "bubbling" begins, specialists are divided into two camps - conservatives remaining in the traditional way of panoramic services and innovators. A lot of beginners join ranks, is born new subspecies - panoramic photo-technicians. The army of the "second" is growing at an incredible rate.

According to Business View, many people are beginning to understand that numerous agencies and other near-services have come across the "gold mine". Rigid conditions for certification for admission to the Business View service determine that Google does allow participants to entering its closed system in which there are certain rules that must be strictly observed. Involvement, even nominal, to a huge transnational corporation, gives the feeling of a special kind of solid status of "chosenness". Since 2014 tired by the "draconian rules" the program participants start complaining about unbearable conditions and quality control criteria, they write group petitions on forums and in social nets and require "relaxation" of conditions.

According to Maps Views there are no strict rules and restrictions, for a year enthusiasts pump to Google Maps with several millions of panoramic publications, here too there were many of "heroes" who created local tours of 500 or more connected points to separate places of the planet where Street View did not penetrate.

Many also learned to earn on this, along with Business View participants. Along with adequate panoramic content into Google Maps are published - spam, fakes and frank "clinical cases".

The epidemic is expanding. The corporation is no longer in a position to control the situation. In August 2015, Google Maps Views service is closed, 80% of the published content is removed from the Maps, indiscriminately and in one fell swoop.

In 2015 Google for Business View members - transform to Google Maps Street View | Trusted, changes some rules and gives the required relief to the suffering. The army of certified specialists (usually from the former numerous members of the Maps Views) begins to increase in arithmetic progression, beyond "the barrier" penetrates the same virus. A large number of inadequate and familiar spam are published, and this in turn starts to damage reputation of Google Maps itself. The published content becomes part of the Google Street View system, with all the ensuing consequences.

In 2016, was launched an unspoken programm to "excommunicate" all members. At the first stage, the development direction was presented modified former Maps Views service, based on the mobile platform and the publication status. The second stage of "excommunication" was even more gentle rules of certification and content format. In fact, virtually all of the basic previous standards were abolished - equipment demands, photo specifications, quality control and technical aspects of the publication. The legions of "sick-infected" poured into the market, finishing even more terrifying dumping, even more low-quality content to "breathing in incense" panoramic industry. The third stage was to throw out all behind "the barrier" to the total mass and to slam the door, this will be implemented in april, 2017.

Time of uncertainty, everyone survives as best he can. But while the intrigue, at last breath is saved. In this game came third-party players (developers) offering on the market "new methadones" (editors) for relaxation of convulsions.

What was created in these six years by The Corporation in the market of panoramic services? Evil or Good? Time will tell...