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Gumir J Production is a creative studio, provides B2B service in the production of 3D virtual reality (VR) tours for effective visual marketing of any business. The author of all VR imagery, photographer, full member of the International Virtual Reality Professionals Association link here Gumir Jamil is 'the core' of this project. The rest of the team, from different countries, subsequently connects to the development of interactive VR content via outsourcing, consolidated by a general idea to create the most advanced and high-quality product for customers.

We have created an multipurpose and exclusive UI design for a stunning demonstration of content. Absorbed very best visual concepts of Matterport 3D, Google Street View and more. As a bonus, we will give you a series of premium interior photos for socials.

Our great custom tours

Having own website for RETAIL and HORECA industries is an indicator of wealth and prestige. We will enhance the impression of viewing your web-resource with our wonderful 3D tours. The embodiment of all your wishes and functionality will be realized.

Google Street View tours

As an additional option or like a primary publication, we place tours on Google Maps service in your business profile. This is undoubtedly an effective marketing approach for billionth targeting audience via Google search engine.

Matterport 3D tours

Our imagery will always be better than Matterport, also without 'up-down' blind spots, because we use full control of visual content creation to achieve the perfect quality. The main advantage is the NO monthly fee. You get a product, once by paying for it.

Practice, talent, fresh minds and love

Perfect Retouch

Perfect Retouch
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Each scene is carefully retouched. A perfect look is achieved and a pleasant impression remains of what you see.

Usability User Interface

Usability User Interface
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Flexible intro slider, exclusive 3d navigation, walk-through transition, advanced info hotspots and more.

Virual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset
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If available VR360, you can instantly view tour using your smartphone and devices like Google Cardboard.

High standards of quality

High standard of quality

In the current workflow, we use only modern and advanced technology, well-known brands: Nikon, Sigma, Sekonic, Fanotec, Manfrotto, Sunbounce. Timely update of the latest equipment. Lighting devices of a new generation, such as iKAN, are lightweight, mobile concepts based on powerful LEDs, with an even spectrum and a stable color temperature.

Always only true color

DoubleTree by Hilton

We work with lighting and color to get a real rendition, adjusted for fillable natural or artificial light sources. This is especially important when the scene contains brand or designer solutions that exclude wrong displaying original color palette. Our scenes will always be distinguished by their right color grading and best detailing.

Visual Effects in 360